Bike Fitting Services

Professional, Beginner, TT/Tri or Road Bike... We help all Riders!

Standard Bike Fit

Our standard bike fit is our most popular bike fitting service and includes the following: pre-fit questionnaire, physical assessment, cleat set up, wedging, insole assessment, knee tracking, saddle height, saddle fore-aft, handlebar height and fore-aft, brake lever position, bike measurements, recommended exercises/improvements, and our three-month comfort guarantee.

2.5hrs – £185

Add a Second Bike

Got more than one bike? We’ll be able to set you up perfectly on both for just an additional £75 (standard fit only). Why not get a road bike fit on your road bike and your TT, Track, or MTB fitting?

If your bikes are the same type, it might be possible to use your fit reports from our single-bike fits to set-up your second bike. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask.

Additional 1hr – an extra £75


If you’ve had a fit with us before, and just want to check things over again, we offer a check-up service for £75 per hour. This can be useful if you’ve changed saddle, shoes or pedals and want to make sure the position is still perfect for you. People also change over time, so an injury or an improvement in flexibility/functional stability might mean a change to your position is necessary.

1hr – £75