We Turn The Pedals Thousands Of Times Every Ride So Even The Slightest Issue With Our Foot Position, Shoe Size Or Cleat Position Can Cause Significant Problems.


The position of your cleats greatly affects where the power is transferred through your foot. Certain cleat positions put unnecessary stress through parts of your foot, and this leads to pain or injury. Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common injuries we see. The plantar fascia gets inflamed when it is overworked through repetitive foot movements and it usually causes a deep burning pain when applying pressure through the sole of your foot.
You can also get “hot-spots” from a poor cleat setup. This is a burning sensation in a very specific area and is usually caused by compression to the nerves that sit in between your metatarsals.


As the main mechanisms of support for your feet, having the correct shoe and insole combination is vital. The vast majority of cyclists are riding with ill-fitting shoes, sometimes without knowing it until injury starts, and by then it is too late! The shoe width tends to be the biggest problem, as cycling shoes are generally very narrow. This compresses the foot inside the shoe and causes pain and inefficiency.

The insoles that come inside cycling shoes are simply not fit for purpose. They give no support and offer your foot no platform to put power into the pedals. We spend a lot of time assessing your feet to determine which shoes and insoles are right for you.

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