Lactate Threshold Testing

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What is Lactate Threshold Testing and is it for me?

Lactate appears in the blood during moderate to high intensity exercise.Β Lactate Threshold Testing identifies the relationship between exercise intensity and blood lactate concentration.Β Lactate threshold testing identifies 2 main lactate thresholds:

  • Lactate Threshold 1 – where blood lactate begins to rise above resting levels.
  • Lactate Threshold 2 – where blood lactate rises rapidly due to increased anaerobic metabolism.

The data collected from the Lactate Threshold Test will be used to accurately set your training zones with corresponding heart rate and power values. We can also use this data to calculate a “race pace” for your specific events.

If you do any sort of training using power or heart rate zones, then Lactate Testing is the most accurate way to ensure you are maximising your training time.

If you have goals that you are training for this year, before you start any block of serious training, you should take a Lactate Threshold Test. This will ensure that every minute you spend training for your event is used as effectively as possible, and you won’t waste your valuable time training at the wrong intensities. And then when it comes to your event, you won’t be left guessing at your race pace, we can scientifically calculate how you can perform at your best!


Most amateur or recreational athletes usually think something along the lines of, “I’m not good enough for Performance Testing”. This couldn’t be further from the truth…

Every hour of a recreational cyclists’ training time is precious. You need to train around other commitments in your work and family life. A professional cyclist has the luxury of being able to ride their bike for 30+ hours every week.

Our testing is designed to enable you to get the most out of your available time, by targeting your training to your physiology. Our expert Physiologist will spend time helping you to understand your results in a way where you can implement them into your training.


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