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Specialists In What We Do

We aren’t part-time Bike Fitters, part-time shop assistants.

Our team are highly trained and highly experienced to give you the best results possible. We comprise of Physiotherapists and Pro-Cyclists, to offer a wide-range of skills to deal with any cyclists’ needs.

We are experts in our field and continue to improve the way we work as the science and research progresses.


The Latest Video Capture Technology

We use high-level Video Capture and Video Analysis software from MotionMetriq to assist our Bike Fits.

This system not only provides video capture at a high frame rate, but also allows us to analyse your cycling biomechanics in vast detail so that we can perfect every aspect of your position on the bike.

We use video capture instead of marker tracking, so we can analyse all details of your body, rather than be limited by just the positional markers.


How Our Bike Fit Process Works...

We have developed a unique Bike Fitting process to ensure we meet your requirements.
The process is highly adaptable based on an individual’s needs but will usually consist of five main elements:

  • Evaluation – a relaxed chat with your Bike Fitter to establish important information about your body, your cycling and what we need to do to help you.
  • Assessment – a comprehensive examination of your body’s relevant biomechanics to ensure we fit the bike to you as an individual.
  • Analysis – detailed motion capture using advanced video technology supplied by MotionMetriq. We will assess your riding position and biomechanics, then make or suggest changes to the bike as necessary.
  • Adaptation – you need to ride your bike in the new position for a period of time to allow your body to adapt to the changes we have made.
  • Review – we get in touch with every one of our customers around a month after their Bike Fit, to ask how they are doing and to give further advice or adjustment if required.


Our Comfort Guarantee

“A Bike Fit is a PROCESS, not a product!”

Bike Fitting is not a one-stop shop. We understand that at UK Bike Fit, which is why we include 6-months of FREE follow-up appointments with every Bike Fit should you require them.

This is so that as your body adapts to your new position, we can make small tweaks and adjustments to your position to complement your new biomechanics and perfect your position.

Don't Buy A New Bike Without Talking To Us First!

We see it time and time again…people bring bikes to us that are simply the wrong size. Take the guesswork out of it and contact us if you are in the market for a new bike.

Every single brand and model of bike will have a slightly different geometry. This means that some bikes will suit you better than others depending on your position. Trying to find the correct size bike is a minefield.

Let us do all the hard work for you! Our fitting processes will give you the measurements you need to decide which bike and which size frame is right for you.

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