Between our team, we have all the skills necessary to help EVERY cyclist, no matter what your requirements are…

Dan Smith


Dan has 9 years experience specialising in biomechanics. After working with teams across multiple sports including rugby, athletics, football, swimming and triathlon, Dan has a strong background of biomechanical analysis and injury prevention that he applies to Cycling Analysis and Bike Fitting. He particularly enjoys working with beginner cyclists, ensuring they are comfortable on the bike and get the most enjoyment from the sport for years to come.

Sian Reynolds

Specialist Cycling Biomechanist, Msc

After completing BSc and MSc degrees in Sports Science, Sian is now completing her PhD in Sports Biomechanics. She’s also publishing her own research paper on the effect of crank lengths on cycling kinematics. Combining this strong academic background with her experience of racing in Elite National road races and International Gravel events, Sian has a wealth of knowledge she applies to her Bike Fits. She is also one of only a handful of female Bike Fitters in the UK.

Sally Carter

Lead Physiologist and Performance Coach, MSc

Sally leads the UK Bike Fit Performance Lab and carries out our Physiology testing services. Sally graduated from Swansea University with first class honours and completed her MSc in Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University. She also works at Loughborough University as a Physiology Technician and is undertaking the BASES programme to become an accredited Sports Scientist. She’s also a talented swimmer and Competitive Lifesaver!


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