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Professional Support for Amateur Athletes

How Can A Cycling Coach Help Me?

Our Physiology-based approach to training and performance allows you to get maximal improvements from your available training time.

Unless you’re a professional cyclist, you won’t have 20-30 hours a week to spend riding your bike. We understand the importance of maximising every single training session. Most cyclists who don’t follow a coaching programme will waste the vast majority of their riding time. That’s not to say they won’t improve, but they will improve at a much slower rate than our coached athletes.

We specialise in working with time-crunched athletes who need to fit their training in and around other family/work/life commitments. Our coaching philosophy is not to ask you to do more volume than you can manage. We work within the parameters of your day-to-day lives, and ensure every single minute you spend on the bike, is focussed towards achieving your goals.

For athletes who are able to visit us in person, we use Physiology Testing to learn more about how your body responds to exercise. This information helps us to set ultra-accurate training zones and adapt your training sessions towards your specific goals.
For our athletes who can’t visit us in person, we use other testing protocols to learn about your individual fitness profile.

A Tried And Tested Approach

Physiology doesn’t lie, so there’s no doubting whether our coaching method works or not…The numbers prove we get results! Our team members implemented our approach to performance with Leigh Timmis, who subsequently went on to take the World Record for “The Greatest Distance Cycled in 7 Days”.

However, we aren’t all World Record holders! Here’s a review on our Performance Coaching service from another one of our athletes who added 29% to their Lactate Threshold in their first year with us…

I was looking to make improvements in my training. After a little research I fell on using UKBF Performance Lab. After finishing my first year using them I have noticed massive changes in my performance. The most interesting thing to me has been noticing how the testing and training together gives a better picture of where your body is at, and that just simply doing an FTP test every month or so isn’t giving a realistic picture. The sessions I have been set have always been achievable and with good communication with my coach, I have managed to fit this in around two jobs and a young family.



Elevate your cycling fitness. Tailored for dedicated cyclists aiming to enhance their performance, without necessarily aiming for a specific race or event. We offer efficient training strategies for maximum progress, ensuring you reach your fitness goals faster. Unlock your full potential and ride smarter with expert coaching support.

£109/per month
Plan Updated: Biweekly
Monthly Review Call
Basic Training Peaks Account Provided
10% OFF Physiology Testing
Race/Event Feedback
Unlimited Contact
Fuelling/Nutrition Advice


Maximise your cycling performance. This package is crafted for cyclists gearing up for races or events. Tailored for individuals with competitive goals, our programme provides targeted training strategies for peak performance. Fine-tune your sessions and achieve your cycling goals with our enhanced coaching support.

£149/per month
Plan Updated: Weekly
2 Review Calls / Month
Basic Training Peaks Account Provided
Race/Event Feedback
20% OFF Physiology Testing
Unlimited Contact
Fuelling/Nutrition Advice


Unleash your full potential. Meticulously designed for cyclists seeking comprehensive performance enhancement. Tailored for those unwilling to compromise, our package leaves no stone unturned in optimising your cycling prowess. Elevate every aspect of your performance and achieve unparalleled success with elite coaching support.

£199/per month
Plan Updated: Biweekly
4 Review Calls / Month
Premium Training Peaks Account Provided
30% OFF Physiology Testing
Unlimited Contact
Fuelling/Nutrition Advice


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