Ward Ergonomic Armrests

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Ergonomic Armrests are designed to provide a more comfortable, ergonomic and secure fit to the forearms when in the TT/Triathlon aero position. They are also designed specifically to facilitate narrower arm and elbow positions than other armrest cups, which have been consistently shown to increase rider speed through improved aerodynamics (reduced CdA).

Fully compliant with 2023 UCI regulations.

Durable and reliable. Fit and forget.

The high sides provide security and reassuring support, which is essential for safe and confident high speed riding in Time Trial, Triathlon and Track races. This peace of mind itself can translate to extra speed, especially on rough road surfaces, down hills or in crosswinds. The tapered cup shape allows the arm to slot in easily, but also gently locks the elbows into the time trial position, resulting in improved bike control. This can also enable the rider to reduce the grip pressure of their hands on the tribar extension hand grips.

This design has been devised and refined over the last 4 years with the Ward WheelZ race team, clocking up British Cycling National Championship Team Pursuit medals – Bronze in Men’s event in 2020, with Silver in Mens’ event in 2022 – in the process! Prototype silver aluminium versions can be seen in the pictures of the team riders on the velodrome on the homepage.During the development phase, an aluminium prototype version was tested in the Boardman Performance Centre Wind Tunnel and found to save 4 Watts in power to overcome aerodynamic drag @ 60 kph compared to 3T Comfort aluminium armrests. Aero bar extension position was kept constant along with rider body position and posture.

Manufactured from aluminium alloy and anodised black, the construction and finish are both strong and durable.

Unique universal mounting pattern allow fitment to both front-rear and side-by-side screw configurations in M4, M5 and M6 sizes. So will they fit straight onto your bike, with no need for drilling? Most probably yes! Easy!

Armrests come supplied with pre-cut adhesive backed foam pads to match the shape of each section, which can be added if and where you want the padding. This allows you to tune the fit and comfort to your personal needs.

Common sized M5 mounting screws are included, though different screws may be required for your particular handlebar set-up. We cannot provide every type of screw, but let us know if you require a different spec. and we will see what we can do.

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