Shimano SPD-SL Cleats

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The red option offers a fixed foot position with no float, yellow allows 6° of float and blue allows 2° of float.

Each option for these Shimano SPD cleats is sold as a pair and comes with bolts and washers for installation. They’re compatible with all SPD-SL type road bike shoes.

Top Features:

  • Compatible with 3 bolt road shoes
  • Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL road pedals only
  • Coloured wear indicator tips
  • Smooth entry and exit action
  • SH10 Red:
  • Fixed position with no float for complete efficiency and rigid form
  • SH12 Blue:
  • 2-degrees of float for a balance of comfort and efficiency
  • SH11 Yellow:
  • 6-degrees of float for comfort, ideal for riders whose feet move naturally during their pedal stroke

Product Data

  • Commuter: Yes
  • Touring: Yes
  • Cyclocross: Yes
  • Time Trial: Yes
  • Road: Yes

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