Road Leg Length Shim

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The FORM modular leg length shim is compatible with all 3-hole road cleats. It includes a number of innovative and useful features:

  • A curved shape to match the shape of the sole of a cycling shoe
  • A chamfered front to facilitate easy clipping in, particularly when shims are stacked
  • A โ€œpinningโ€ system to connect multiple shims or FORM wedges together
  • Cleat position markers to help with cleat alignment on the shim
  • Made from impact resistant nylon to reduce damage due to repeated clip-ins

Leg length shims are used to increase the effective leg length on a shorter leg in cases where a cyclist suffers from a leg length discrepancy. Signs of a discrepancy can be:

a) overreaching on one side at the bottom of the pedal stroke

b) pelvis tilted or rider leaning to one side of the saddle in order to retain connection with the pedals through the bottom of the stroke

c) one leg feeling under-extended whilst the other feels just right

Assuming the rider’s position is correct, and their legs have been assessed to have a discrepancy, the issues above could be solved with the use of leg length shims. Shimming, with the correct amount of rise, can create a more equal leg extension, stabilise the pelvis and lead to a smoother and more controlled pedal stroke on the shorter side.


(you may require longer screws if you are stacking more than one shim together, if this is the case, please place your order, then drop us an email and we can send you longer screws)

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