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The PRO Aerofuel saddle is designed to offer you a better experience on your sports bike. It has been developed with the aim of guaranteeing greater comfort during time trial and trail events, especially those that require spending long distances in the same position, such as consecutive marathons. or Ironman style swims. The short reinforced carbon base offers support while allowing riders to maintain their forward lean angle; this helps alleviate any pain caused by a poorly placed seat cushioning system.

The wide anatomical groove allows airflow around the skin, keeping it cool under pressure, helping to prevent chafing when riding steadily for hours at high speeds.

The saddle is designed with a non-slip cover over an EVA foam padding that is positioned to provide support when riding time trial extensions. The lightweight, rigid deck features an in-mold carbon-reinforced polymer and rests on stainless steel rails for maximum comfort while riding!

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