Gebiomized Sleak

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gebioMized saddles were designed using the data gathered from tens of thousands of saddle pressure maps, and countless hours working with professional and amateur athletes of all levels and abilities.

The Sleak saddle was created with male riders in mind, but has been successfully used with many female riders as well. How do you know which gebioMized saddle to pick? Just follow these steps:

Decide which part of the saddle you normally like to sit on… Rear saddle, or mid saddle. Mid saddle sitters usually do best on the Sleak 145, or Area 145. Rear saddle sitters usually prefer the Sleak 135, or Area 155.

Once you have picked where on the saddle you want to sit, decide how much relief you need down the middle of the saddle. If you want to reduce peak saddle pressure choose the “Channel” version as it will increase the surface area that the pressure can be spread over. If you need to reduce pressure in the middle of the saddle choose the “Cut Out” version. This will eliminate soft tissue pressure, but due to the reduction of surface area peak pressure will be slightly higher.

Color: Black with white logos and details

Rail Material: Titanium

Weight: ~210-230g

Rider Weight Limit: 120kg

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