Pre-Purchase Sizing

Stop Buying Bikes Based On Your Height!

The height charts that manufacturers advertise are extremely inaccurate and will cause you to make very costly mistakes. We can help you every step of the way in buying your new bike.

Why Are Sizing Charts So Inaccurate?

There’s SO much more to bike sizing than just your height. If you go on height alone, or stick with the same size frame you’ve always ridden, you will make an expensive mistake at some point.
  1. Your height does not determine the position you ride in. If we take two people that are both 6-foot tall, one may have a more upright, relaxed style of riding suitable for sportives and long distances. However the other may want a lower, more aggressive position for racing meaning both of these people will need two different sizes of bike.
  2. All brands and models of bike will have different geometry. This means although you might fit a size 58 frame on one bike, it does not mean you will be a size 58 in another.
  3. Our bodies all have varying proportions. Two people the same height will more than likely have different leg and torso lengths. Our arm length also plays a big part in how long we need our bike to be, and again the proportions of our arm length to our height don’t always match up.

So How Can We Help?

We have bespoke Fitting Jigs, which are indoor bikes with a completely adjustable geometry.

We can use these to determine the perfect geometry of frame for you, then transfer measurements from the jig to real-life bikes, and help you find the best fitting bike possible before you buy.

We can also use the jigs to compare bikes. This is useful if you have a shortlist of bikes you might be interested in, and want to test ride every one of them before you make an expensive purchase.

If you are in the market for a new bike, don’t buy anything without contacting us first. We can help you every step of the way.

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