Ward Armrest Wedges

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Armrest Wedges are a designed to incline the armrests on a non-integrated TT/Triathlon aero bar position up at an angle, to aid comfort in an inclined forearm or ‘mantis’ position.

Simple, but effective. Durable and reliable.

The inclined forearm or ‘mantis’ position has been repeatedly shown to not only be more aerodynamic (lower CdA), but also more comfortable and more sustainable, so can be faster and well suited for all distances of riding from the 1 kilometer ‘kilo’ time trial and track pursuits, all the way up to a full Ironman triathlon bike leg.

If an inclined forearm position is adopted without also inclining the armrests up at an appropriate angle, an uncomfortable small pressure point at the rear edge of the armrest pads can be created. Inclining the armrest cups up at a suitable angle, distributes this weight more evenly over the full length of the armrest pad.

These wedges come as pairs in 5, 10 or 15* degree angles.

Armrest Wedges use a universal fit pattern, which will work with M4, M5, M6 mounting with front-rear screw orientation.

Solid plastic contruction which has been thoroughly tested since 2018 and over-engineered to avoid the issues seen on plastic wedges from other brands. Aluminium or Carbon Fibre is not necessary for this simple design. Prototype versions of these have been ridden to top 10 placings in Cycling Time Trials National 10 and 25 mile TT Championships.

Come supplied with M5 countersunk screws in lengths to suit the most common TT/Triathlon bike aero extension set-up.

Designed to work perfectly in conjunction with the aluminium alloy Ward Ergonomic Armrests.

Note: These are not intended for use to incline the angle of aerobar extension poles and are not suitable for this. Incline the armrest angle only!

* 15-degree (UCI) option is produced slightly under 15 degrees to allow a safety margin to adhere to the UCI regulation 15 degree max armrest angle limit. Fully 2023 UCI rule compliant.

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