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Riding on gravel is a blossoming area of cycling. A new popular sport that is presenting new demands and challenges for bicycle manufacturers and fitters. It really is a discipline of cycling, which epitomises versatility. Something that is required in a saddle. With much anticipation, gebioMized’s answer to this has finally arrived!

The Gebiomized VALID.

The VALID saddle is unique, in that it accommodates for a changing saddle position. Necessary in gravel riding. Supporting mid-loading as well as rear loading, both V-shaped saddles support comfort whilst maximising stability. Available in either 140 Cut Out, or 150 Channel, akin to their cousins the AREA and SLEAK, they each serve slightly different purposes.

140 Cut Out

  • Loading type mid-section
  • Cut Out for perineal pressure relief
  • Developed for pressure-sensitive graveller

150 Channel

  • Loading type mid to rear
  • Saddle shape leads to larger contact area
  • Pressure reduction channel
  • Developed for graveller aiming for saddle stability

Sitting in between the AREA and SLEAK, the VALID is indeed versatile.

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