Physiotherapist Led Bike Fit

Our comprehensive Bike Fit performed by our Physiotherapist using the latest 3D Motion Tracking Technology

Our Bike Fits are suitable for Road, Time Trial, Track and Gravel bikes.
(If you have more than one bike you wish to be fitted on – please see our Bike Fit for 2 Bikes Service)

The Bike Fit can be performed either with your existing bike or using our custom made Fitting Jig should you wish to be fitted before buying a bike. If you are buying a new bike and want to know what size you need, see our Pre-Purchase Sizing Service)

What’s included in our bike fit?


  • Pre-Fit Discussion – A chat with our Physio about your bike, cycling history, injury history and what you want to achieve from your Bike Fit
  • Physiotherapy Assessment – A full body assessment to determine your movement patterns, flexibility, strength and foot position
  • Insole Assessment – Measurement of your foot arches and movement patterns (insoles available to purchase if required)
  • Cleat Setup – Comprehensive positioning of your cleats to ensure optimisation of both comfort and power
  • Knee Tracking and Biomechanics Assessment – Laser measurement of your knee tracking during your pedal stroke
  • Saddle Positioning – Optimisation of your saddle position (alternative saddles are available to trial and purchase should you wish to change saddle)
  • Handlebar Positioning – Adjustments to the reach of the bars if required
  • Brake Lever Position – Refinement to the position of the brake levers if required
  • Bike Fit Reports – Full measurements of both your bike and your final position for you to keep
  • Recommended Physiotherapy exercises and suggested improvements to complement your Bike Fit
  • Our 3-Month Comfort Guarantee


2 hours 30 minutes – £185

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