Standard Fit (2 bikes)

Got more than one bike? We’ll be able to set you up perfectly on both for just an additional £75. Why not get both your road bike fit and your TT, Track, or MTB bike fit? If your two bikes are same type, it might be possible to use your fit reports from our single-bike fits to set-up your second bike fit as well. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask.

The fit can be done on a new bike, or your existing bike and includes all of the following, for both bikes:

Bike Fit

Pre-fit questionnaire
– rider experience
– injury history
– future goals
Physical assessment
Cleat set up (up to 2 pairs of shoes)
– fore-aft
– stance width (side-to-side)
– rotation and float

Insole assessment (Specialized ++, or +++, insoles are available at an extra cost of £23)
Knee tracking
Saddle height
Saddle fore-aft
Handlebar height and fore-aft
Brake lever position
Bike measurements (for both bikes)
Recommended exercises and suggested improvements
Three month comfort guarantee

Two bikes, 4hrs – £259.99

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