Standard bike Fit

Our standard bike fit is our most popular service and includes everything you’d expect from a high-level fit. We have lots of experience, having carried out over 1700 fits with our Retul 3D motion capture system, which provides great accuracy and repeatability. The Retul system allows us to measure your position, while riding, to within 1mm. It is used for Road and Triathlon bike fit and currently used by professional cyclists and triathletes across the world, including Team Sky, Orica-GreenEdge, Quick-Step, Europcar and many more.

The standard bike fit can be done on a new bike, or your existing bike, across a range of disciplines, including: road, TT/Tri, track, cyclocross and mountain biking. You can also add a second bike for just £75, by clicking here

What’s included?

Pre-fit questionnaire
– rider experience
– injury history
– future goals
Physical assessment
Cleat set up
– fore-aft
– stance width (side-to-side)
– rotation and float
Insole assessment (Specialized ++, or +++, insoles are available at an extra cost of £23)
Knee tracking
Saddle height
Saddle fore-aft
Handlebar height and fore-aft
Brake lever position
Bike measurements
Recommended exercises and suggested improvements
Three month comfort guarantee

Returning customers get a 25% discount on all fit prices listed on our website.

2.5hrs – £184.99

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Standard Bike Fit

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