Saddle Pressure Mapping

If you have wasted time and money buying multiple saddles trying to find “The Perfect Saddle”, this is the service for you!

Why do I need Saddle Pressure Mapping?

Have you ever bought a saddle, sat on it for a few minutes and thought you’ve found “The One”…Then as soon as you go for a longer ride you’re in discomfort or pain? This can be incredibly frustrating, expensive and time-consuming.
Saddle Pressure Mapping allows us to take the guesswork out of finding the saddle that is best suited to you. By using the data that we create using the pressure mapping process, we can see which saddles are going to cause you problems and which saddles will keep you pain free.
You will never buy an uncomfortable saddle using this process!

What is Saddle Pressure Mapping?

Saddle Pressure Mapping can be performed in many different ways. We use WIVA Saddle Technology to identify the most influential factors that determine your saddle comfort. The Bluetooth saddle pressure cover shows us in real-time, exactly where the pressure is on your current saddle, and how much pressure is going through your saddle whilst you are riding. From this we can determine which alternative saddles would suit you, test them out using the pressure mapping process and find you the most comfortable saddle suited to YOUR riding position and YOUR body.

We have a wide range of saddles available to try during the session, but if you have any saddles you wish to bring with you to the session and test then please bring these along.

1 Hour 30mins – £90

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