Pre-Purchase Sizing

Ensuring You Buy The Correct Size Bike Frame Is Essential For Your Future Cycling Comfort

We Do Occasionally Come Across Customers Who Have Purchased The Wrong Size Frame, And As You Can Imagine It Is Extremely Frustrating For Them Having Spent A Lot Of Money On Their New Bike.

Unfortunately, it is common place amongst Bike Manufacturers and retailers to only ask for your height to work out the correct size frame for you. Buying a bike based on this measurement alone is VERY RISKY for a number of reasons:

  1. Your Height Does Not Determine The Position You Ride In! If We Take Two People That Are Both 6-Foot Tall, One May Have A More Upright, Relaxed Style Of Riding Suitable For Sportives And Long Distances. However The Other May Want A Lower, More Aggressive Position For Racing meaning Both Of These People Will Need 2 Different Sizes Of Bike.


  2. All brands and models of bike will have different geometry. This means although you might fit a size 58 frame on one bike, does not mean you will be a size 58 in another.


  3. Our bodies all have varying proportions. Two people the same height will more than likely have different leg and Torso lengths. Our arm length also plays a big part in how long we need our bike to be, and again the proportions of our arm length to our height don’t always match up.
We Use A Bespoke Bike-Fitting Jig To Recreate The Exact Geometry Of Your Future Bike. This Means We Can Recreate The Identical Position You Will Be Riding In On any Brand, Model And Size Of Bike. 

You Will Never Have To Guess What Size Frame You Need To Buy Ever Again!

1 Hour – £85

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