Advanced Bike Fit

Advanced Bike Fit

Our advanced bike fit covers everything in our standard fit, along with: an expanded physical assessment, pelvic stability evaluation with our WIVA IMU, cycling analysis at multiple intensities, and assessment while climbing using our Retul Levul wheel riser.

Our state of the art Retul 3D Motion Capture system allows us to take accurate measurements of the rider, while they’re riding at a realistic, real-world intensity. The Retul software tracks flashing LEDs placed on the joints, so we can calculate body angles and side-to-side knee motion. These angles are all measured to within less than a millimeter, making Retul one of the most accurate bike fitting tools in the world.

The WIVA inertial measurement unit (IMU) can detect the smallest movements in the pelvis, foot, and knee while pedaling. It is one of the first bike fit technologies that can track data outside, and during a ride. The WIVA unit can accurately measure pelvic stability and provide visual feedback to help riders work towards a more stable and powerful riding position.

Our Retul Levul is a wheel riser that allows us to simulate inclines up to 8% gradient. By increasing the resistance and slowing the cadence we can accurately recreate climbing conditions to assess both pedaling technique and posture. If you’re a rider that experiences discomfort while climbing, this is the perfect way to analyse what’s happening and identify the best solution.

What’s included?

Pre-fit questionnaire
– rider experience
– injury history
– future goals and plans
Physical assessment
Cleat set up
– fore-aft
– stance width (side-to-side)
– rotation and float
Insole assessment (Specialized ++ or +++ insoles are available at an extra cost of £23)
Knee tracking
Saddle height
Saddle fore-aft
Handlebar height and fore-aft
Brake lever position
Pelvic stability assessment with WIVA IMU
Saddle assessment/test
Analysis at higher intensity
Assessment while climbing using Retul Levul wheel riser
Bike measurements
Recommended exercises and suggested improvements
Three month comfort guarantee

4hrs – £259.99

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