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Foot Pains

One of the most frustrating pains to a cyclist is foot pain. We turn the pedals thousands of times every ride so even the slightest issue with our foot position, shoe size or cleat position can cause significant problems. Here are a few common problems we see, and how we solve them.
Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation to the plantar fascia which spans from the heel to the ball of our foot. The plantar fascia is a thick band of soft tissue which helps support our foot position and transfer power through the pedals via our Achilles tendon and calf muscles. The plantar fascia gets inflamed when it is overworked through repetitive foot movements and is therefore very common amongst cyclists. It usually causes a deep burning pain when applying pressure through the sole of your foot. Adapting your cleat position to offload the plantar fascia is one way to alleviate the symptoms. Insoles to put in your cycling shoe help to support the foot to allow the plantar fascia to relax. Exercises are also vital to strengthen the surrounding muscles. Not only can this cure the existing pain, but will also to prevent it from returning in the future.


‘Hot-Foot’ can also give you a burning sensation in the ball of your foot, but this is caused by something very different. This occurs when there is compression to the nerves that sit in between the metatarsals in your foot. The name ‘hot-foot’ comes from the unmistakable burning pain which usually worsens when increasing pressure through the pedal or on particularly long rides. The most common source of this problem is a cycling shoe that is too narrow. Certain brands of shoe are more suited to people with narrow feet, and other brands suited to those with wider feet. Making sure you have the right width shoe usually resolves these symptoms.

Foot Aches


General aching pains across the whole foot are also very common amongst cyclists. If the foot is unsupported in the shoe, there can be too much movement and the foot will begin to fatigue. Most of the time this is caused when the arch of the foot pronates when we apply pressure to the pedal. An insole that supports the arch of the foot will stop any unnecessary movement, improve the efficiency of your pedal stroke and stop those aching pains.

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