Follow Up

If you've had a bike fit with us before for road bike, mountain bike or any other bike, , and just want to check things over again to ensure proper bike fit, we are there to offer a Check Up service as well for just £75 per hour. This can be useful if you've changed saddle, shoes or pedals and want to make sure the position is still perfect for you with a correct bike fit. People also change over time so an injury or an improvement in flexibility/functional stability might mean a change to your position is necessary.

This service is very flexible and will include whatever you need from the list below:


Pre-fit questionnaire
– rider experience
– injury history
– future goals
Physical assessment
Cleat set up (up to 2 pairs of shoes)
– fore-aft
– stance width (side-to-side)
– rotation and float

Insole assessment (Specialized ++, or +++, or Sole Active Thin, are available at an extra cost of £23-35) Knee tracking Saddle height Saddle fore-aft Handlebar height and fore-aft Brake lever position Bike measurements (for both bikes) Recommended exercises/improvements Three month comfort guarantee

1hr – £75

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