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Covid-19 – Changes To Our Service

We have made some changes to our service to ensure your safety, and the safety of staff at UK Bike Fit and Leisure Lakes Bikes. Please see the information below on what you need to be aware of when coming for your appointment, and what we are doing to keep you safe.

What You Need To Know

1. You MUST wear a face covering from the moment of entering the shop, to the time you leave the shop.

Face coverings have been shown to minimise the risk of the wearer passing on Covid-19 should they unknowingly be carrying the virus. This does not have to be a surgical/medical mask, in fact we are discouraged from wearing these type of masks unless caring for vulnerable people. It can be as simple as a scarf or bandanna tied around your nose and mouth. For more information on this, please click here > https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51205344

2. If you will be bringing your bike, please make every effort to clean your bike before arriving for your Bike Fit.

Again, this is to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. Bikes are usually dirty, sweaty machines so please give it a good wash before you bring it to the shop.

3. You DO NOT need to wear gloves.

Please don’t wear gloves to your appointment. Hand sanitiser with 75% alcohol content (70% recommended by UK government) will be available as you arrive and leave the fit studio. This is proven to be the most effective way of controlling the spread of the virus.

4. We will not accept cash as payment for the foreseeable future

Like most shops and retailers now, we will not accept cash payments. Only card payments will be taken until further notice.

5. Please arrive on time!

In the first few weeks and months, we will be incredibly busy with limited appointments. We also now need to clean everything down in between each appointment (more on that below) which will make our daily schedule very tight. With this is mind, if you are running late please phone ahead and leave a message. This will be rare, but if the appointment is looking like it may take longer than usual, I may ask you to come back on another day to finish the appointment.

What Are We Doing For You?

1. Our opening hours have changed

When you book your appointment, you will see some changes to our opening hours. This is in line with the working hours of the staff at Leisure Lakes Bike Shop and to ensure a “one-in-one-out” system. Please note that at the time of writing this email, the shop is not open for browsing. This may change in the coming weeks so if you do wish to browse the shop before or after your appointment please ask one of the Leisure Lakes Staff before doing so.

2. PPE

I will be wearing a suitable mask throughout the whole of your appointment. Having advised you not to wear gloves to your appointment, I will wear gloves at certain times during the appointment! The gloves I use will be single use and they will only be used when touching you or your bike. Physical contact will be necessary during a Bike Fit, Physiotherapy or Cleat Setup appointment but this will be kept to an absolute minimum.

3. Cleaning Protocol

We have developed a cleaning protocol that will ensure before and after EVERY appointment, the whole studio will be cleaned with anti-bacterial product effective on 99.9% of bacteria. This will include the cleaning of the card machine, treatment couch, chairs, Bike Fit platform and any tools that have been used on bikes.

4. Social Distancing

Wherever possible, social distancing will be practised. This will include re-arranging room furniture and asking you to dismount your bike before any work is carried out. However, the very nature of our work means that social distancing will not always be possible which is why we have stringent PPE measures in place in line with the current UK government guidelines.


Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries about anything mentioned in this post.

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