Cleat Setup or Adjustment

The Position Of Your Cleats Is Vital To Avoiding Hip, Knee And Ankle Pain When Cycling.

Our comprehensive cleat setup service is suitable if…

  • You have never had your cleats positioned professionally before
  • Your cleats are worn and need replacing (Cleats are available to purchase if required)
  • You are getting pain that you think may be due to your cleats (During the assessment if we think your pain is not down to your cleats, we will suggest having a full Bike Fit)
  • You have bought a new set of cleats and need them positioning correctly
  • You have bought a new pair of shoes (Unless you have bought the exact Same Brand and Model of shoe to your previous pair, your cleats will need a different position)
  • You have changed pedal System (Shimano SPD-SL, Look, Shimano SPD-MTB)
Our Comprehensive Cleat Setup Includes:
  •  Physiotherapy Assessment of your foot biomechanics 
  •  Insole Assessment
  •  Fore-Aft Cleat positioning
  •  Stance-Width Assessment using Laser alignment
  •  Cleat Rotation Positioning

1 Hour – £65

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