Why Choose UK Bike Fit?

Information About our Bike Fit Services

Cycling Biomechanics Specialists

Our Chartered Physiotherapists and Specialist Bike Fitters have a combined 14 years of experience specialising in biomechanics. We are at hand to help you with ALL aspects of cycling, from pure comfort to all out performance and everything in between. Our service is entirely tailored to you so no matter whether you are new to the sport and want reassurance you are pedalling in a good position, or a seasoned cyclist who wants a raise in performance, we can help.

What to expect...

Watch this video to see what we get up to inside the fit studio.
A big thank you to Nick from Ilkeston Cycling Club for vlogging his experience. See more from ICC here www.youtube.com/channel/UCTxjXSIPkA2INrxsCziJ4gw

The latest Video Capture Technology

We use high-level Video Capture and Video Analysis software from Motion Metriq to assist our Bike Fits. This system not only provides video capture at a high frame rate, but also allows us to analyse your cycling biomechanics in vast detail so that we can perfect every aspect of your position on the bike.

Not sure what size bike to buy?...Leave that to us

Thinking about buying a new bike but not sure which size frame you need? Every single brand and model of bike will have a slightly different geometry. This means that some bikes will suit you better than others depending on your position. Our fitting process will give you the measurements you need to decide which bike and which size frame is right for you. After you’ve had your Bike Fit, let us know which bikes you are considering and we will do all the hard work for you!

Our Comfort guarantee

Bike Fitting is not a one-stop shop! Bike Fitting is a process. We understand that at UK Bike Fit, which is why we include 6-months of FREE follow-up appointments with every Bike Fit. This is so that as your body adapts to your new position, we can make small tweaks and adjustments to your position to complement your new biomechanics.

Any questions?

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If you have any queries about our Bike Fit services then please do contact us and we will happily answer any questions you have.