Why Choose UK Bike Fit?

Information About our Bike Fit Services

Our Cycling Biomechanics Specialist

Our Chartered Physiotherapist, Dan, has 6 years of experience specialising in biomechanics. After working with teams across multiple sports including rugby, athletics, football, swimming and triathlon, Dan has a strong background of biomechanical analysis and injury prevention that he applies to Cycling Analysis and Bike Fitting.

The latest 3D Motion-Tracking Technology

Our Retul Bike Fit uses the latest technology to accurately measure your cycling position to the nearest millimetre. This means we can be 100% accurate when setting your position to give you complete piece of mind that you have the perfect Bike Fit.

Not sure what size bike to buy?...Leave that to us

Thinking about buying a new bike but not sure which size frame you need? Every single brand and model of bike will have a slightly different geometry. This means that some bikes will suit you better than others depending on your position. Our fitting process will give you the measurements you need to decide which bike and which size frame is right for you. After you’ve had your Bike Fit, let us know which bikes you are considering and we will do all the hard work for you!

Our Comfort guarantee

We are so confident in our Bike Fit process that we offer a 3-Month Comfort Guarantee. Within 3 months of your Bike Fit you can return completely free for a review should you not be entirely happy with your position, or wish to make slight adjustments.

Any questions?

Get in touch!

If you have any queries about our Bike Fit services then please do contact us and we will happily answer any questions you have.