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Andy Brooke is internationally renowned as being one of the UK’s best bike fitters.

As one of only six Retul master fitters in the country, he has carried out bike fits on hundreds of cyclists, from members of the British olympic and para-olympic teams, to club cyclists and casual riders.

Having started out as a competitive rider in road, track, mountain biking and triathlon, Andy began his career in cycling retail before moving to British Cycling, where he worked in its sports development team.

He then moved to Spain, where he spent a year as a cycling guide and mechanic, before coming back to the UK to train as a bike fitter.

For the past seven years Andy has been a full-time bike fitter, and runs bike fit training courses and workshops across the country. He is also regularly asked to speak at cycling and bike fit conferences in the UK and across Europe.

Andy is the founder and President of the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) and is also studying for a PhD in Sports Science, specialising in the biomechanics of cycling. He regularly writes blog articles about his studies.


Bike Fit Qualifications


Retul Certification – 2010
Retul Advanced Certification – 2014
Retul Master Fitter – 2014
BikeFit Foot Pedal Interface Course – 2013
Cycling and the Pelvis – 2014 (presented)
NJD Sports Injury – Bike Fit Package for Therapists – 2015 (presented in 2016)
NJD Sports Injury – Common Cycling Injuries – 2015 (presented in 2016)
Science of Cycling Injury Prevention – 2016
Cycling Science Workshop with Jon Irriberi – 2016


International Cyclefit Symposium (ICS) – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
International Symposium on Cycling Optimisation (ISCO) – 2015
Science & Cycling conference – 2014 (presented), 2016
Science & Cycling Technology Masterclass – 2016
Slovenian Cycling Science Conference – 2016

MRes in Sport Science – 2012
PhD in Cycling Biomechanics – on-going, part-time

Bike Fit Research

After completing a Masters Degree focusing on leg length and Time Trial positions, and presenting his findings at the 2014 Science & Cycling Conference, Andy decided to continue his research by starting a PhD.

His main area of interest continues to be the Time Trial position and the current project Andy is researching explores the role of cleat position in ankling patterns, pedaling style and muscle activation in Time Trial cycling. This research could have future implications for bike fit, cycling optimisation and possibly even shoe design.


The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI)

The International Bike Fitting Institute is a global organisation committed to raising standards in bike fitting.

The organisation provides an internationally-recognised accreditation scheme for fitters, protecting established, trained fitters whilst helping cyclists access the skills and services they expect.

A not-for-profit organisation, the IBFI is overseen by some of the world’s top bike fitters and bike fit experts, and is supported by the industry’s leading organisations and education providers.

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