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Knee Pain

Are you tired of sore knees during or after your ride?

Saddle Discomfort

Are you still searching for a comfortable saddle?

Pins and Needles or Numbness

Do you get tingling or numbness in your hands or fingers?

Back Pain

Reluctant to ride long distances due to pain in your lower back?

Neck Pain

Does your aching neck spoil your cycling enjoyment?

Foot Aches

Do you suffer with pain on the arch or sole of your foot?

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How Can A Bike Fit Resolve My Pain and raise My Performance?



YOUR cycling position needs to be right for YOU.
We all have unique bodies with unique biomechanics, and we all have different cycling goals or aims. We take all of these factors into account and use our Video Capture Technology to accurately fit your bike and alleviate any cycling-related pains you may have.



The position in which you sit on the bike also determines how powerful you are. A position that optimises the efficiency of your muscles will enable you to transfer more power through the pedals and can also prevent avoidable fatigue.



The majority of the effort of cycling goes into pushing the air in front of you out of the way. Particularly relevant to Triathlons or Time Trials, your position makes up approximately 80% of the aerodynamic drag you create when cycling. Therefore even small refinements to your body’s position can result in big improvements in performance.

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