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Benefits of a Bike Fit

A bike fit is one of the most important things you can do to get the best from your bike. A good fit will help your bike work as hard as you do, allowing you to ride longer and better.

Full benefits of a bike fit:

Improve rider comfort and efficiency
Help prevent injury
Reduce or eliminate aggravation of existing aches and injuries
Prevent numbness at contact points
Reduce rider fatigue

We offer a range of bike fit services, including a full Retul precision fit, to help asses every aspect of your cycling.

About our fitter

Dan is a Chartered Physiotherapist, and after qualifying in 2014 he has specialised in the assessment and treatment of musculo-skeletal pain and injuries. After working with teams across multiple sports including rugby, running, football, swimming, triathlon and cycling, Dan has a strong background of biomechanical analysis and injury prevention that he applies to Bike Fitting.

As a keen (fair weather!) cyclist himself, Dan’s interest in bike fitting started when he developed knee pain whilst on the bike. After a few adjustments cured his pain, Dan now wants to help as many people as possible stay comfortable and powerful on their bikes.

Our fit studio is based at Leisure Lakes, which is halfway between Nottingham and Derby, and within easy reach of Leicester.


Our promise: The three-month comfort guarantee

We want to make sure you get the most from your cycling by helping you find a riding position that fits you and your needs.

Our purpose-built bike fit studio uses state-of-the-art Retul equipment to accurately measure rider motion and angles to within a millimeter, ensuring you will have hours of comfortable riding.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel entirely happy with any element of your fit, we offer a three-month comfort guarantee, meaning you can return for a free follow-up so we can reassess any on-going issues you might be experiencing.

Top 3 reasons to invest in a professional bike fit

1. Optimise your position – get a faster ride for the same effort by ensuring the bike is set up to fit your body exactly

2. Increase your comfort - cycling on a well-fitting bike is more comfortable, especially for long rides

3. Reduce, prevent or rule out injury – avoid unnecessary strain on your knees, back and arms, and either cure or rule out niggling injuries


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What our clients say

Had a great fit from Andy. Very friendly guy with excellent knowledge and some very thorough work done on my road bike position. Bike shop was also really very well stocked with top equipment. Really recommend going to see him for a fit.

Will Clarke

I went for a bike fit with Andy around christmas time after deliberately putting myself in a bad position to conker a neck problem. Andy got me in a really good natural position which suited my neck aswell and yesterday I completed my first 100 mile sportive with relative ease. I’m still smiling today – thanks Andy

Sam Crowder

Fantastic Retul bike fit from Andy. Thorough service from strengthening exercises to cleat alignment through to ride position. Andy is extremely knowledgeable and gives you the confidence to let him set you up in the best position. Wish I’d had this when I first started riding. Don’t hesitate, get yourself down to the new shop for a fit. It’ll be the best money you’ll spend!

Mark Adams

Had a retul fit with Andy in May. Before the fit I had lower back ache and numbness in my arms on my tri bike. I couldn’t race on it as my back kept seizing up after transition. Andy got me hooked up and identified a few issues with my back angle and height of my handle bars. After a couple of hours we were done. I left my bike with him for a few days waiting for some parts to come in. Picked it up on the Friday and raced is at Bosworth Triathlon on Sunday. A couple of tweaks were still needed so I bought it back to the shop and they hooked me up again and did some final adjustments. It feels SOOO much better. I completed Staffs IM 70.3 riding my tri bike and my back felt great after transition.

I couldn’t be happier with my bike and urge anyone in doubt to get it done.

Matthew Bainborough

Very thorough and professional bike fit, altering the set up of my new road bike to suit my training needs. Would definitely recommend this service.

Isabelle van Heeswijk

Andy was very professional, easy going and listened to my input. Some significant changes were made to my original settings, but there was no pressure to try and sell me anything at the time, in fact Andy was the opposite, telling me to let everything settle for a few months before trying a new saddle, stem etc. Highly recommended.

John Crossan
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